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This time last year I picked my meagre harvest of red currants and wrote my post ‘One jar of jelly‘.  This year’s harvest yielded over 1kg of red currants, four jars of jelly, and a somewhat experimental batch of red currant and strawberry jam (the jury is still out). 

Realising I’d enjoyed double the yield from my three little red currant bushes got me thinking about progress, and patience, and how wonderfully rewarding a garden is.

Twelve months on my red currants are bigger, more mature, producing more.  As I look around, my soil is richer and darker from continual activity, worm wee, fertiliser.  I’d like to think the weeds are under (better) control, there are a few less stones (a lifelong mission…sigh).  With each season, as I put more love and time and effort into the soil and systems around the garden it improves and gives back with increased production.  And I think that’s pretty cool.

I’ve changed too.  I’m unashamedly a novice, but I’ve learned so many lessons in the past year and look forward to making some changes to improve this season’s summer crops.  I’m already working harder on keeping my tomatoes under control with better pruning and proper staking.  My progression planting has been going well and we’ve been eating out of the garden all year without any real lulls in production.

And now the barbeque season is here and I’m loving that char-grilled deliciousness – zucchinis are especially good sliced thinly and thrown on the barbie till tender.  Thanks to my redcurrant haul, I have a handy stash of redcurrant jelly to accompany those tasty lamb chops too.  Yum.



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